I'm no philosopher...but...

...a little along the lines of looking at clouds, and telling someone what you see - do you find your 'visions' are sometimes different from other peoples'..?

Out running with Roddie the other day in Richmond Park, I came across this tree;

*Rod gleefully running towards me!

If you can't tell what you're looking at, let me describe it for you.

A tall tree, standing proud and majestic for all to see, in the middle of Richmond Park, has fallen onto its side. Strong winds, lightening, or just the pure weight of 'being', it's hard to tell what the reason was for its fall - but there it is. Instead of succumbing to a slow demise... Instead of withering away, unable to play the role it has known, and been known for, its entire life - it creates a new way of living. It has shoots of new life, branches growing skywards Iut of the bark; it has reinvented what it means to be a tree.

From being the tallest tree in the forest, it is now notable for being the widest tree in the forest; all because its instinct to survive was stronger than its life-long knowledge of what surviving meant.

I have, many times in my life, changed direction - or been made to change direction - this tree gave me great comfort;
'Necessity is the mother of invention'

Of-course... you might take something very different from looking at that tree..?

*Don't worry - I'm not turning into an introspective modern-day philosopher; I'm just sharing a random thought with you. Normal service will resume shortly ;)


  1. I haven't got any specific musings about the tree but I totally understand what you mean about changing direction in life or being forced to change direction.

    I've been through several already! And I'm just a youngling by many people's standards! I'm actually in the midst of a change right now. I work at the library but it is seriously not the life job for me. I can't stand working with the public sometimes! Sometimes they're sweeties and they bring you chocolates, other times they're...well, if you've ever had to interact with the public, you know how it is.

    I hope one day to not have to work with the general, open, and random public and be able to do something sewing related for a job...I tell my boyfriend all the time that "One day I'll fly away!"

    1. Sounds like you know what you're going to do next...just a case of making it happen...how exciting!! Looking forward to seeing how you make a career out of sewing... :D

  2. Not poetic but does bring to mind the huge resonsibility the park keeps and rangers have in managing the trees, not only to care for them to make sure they don't fall on memembers of the public (or dogs..)


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