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I love making things... I love reading about making things... and I love sharing ideas, a lot of the time about making things!

If that sounds like you, you might just find something you enjoy here...

*New for December 2019 - Check out Gema's 12 Days of Thriftmas!*

Thank-you so much for visiting my Blog; this is my little place where I get to indulge in all the things that make me happy, including spending time with my boy Rod (the dog) - it's always great to hear from anyone reading my posts, so don't be shy! Leave a comment, or e-mail me, I'm usually very good at replying ;)

My e-mail address; gema@sequinsandslippers.com !

If you want more of a detailed explanation of why I set this Blog up in the first place, have a read of my first ever post - it explains it all much more clearly (better than repeating myself, eh?)! One of my biggest passions is upcycling and refashioning...

I'm always looking to reinvent old wardrobe pieces - if there's something you'd like me to be thrifty with on your behalf, I'm all ears!

Crafty Developments...

Since starting this Blog in April 2013, I became a regular contributor to popular American refashioning blog, Refashion Co-op - which I was completely thrilled about; it's a welcoming & creative community, check it out... 
As a result of writing on that site, I went on to take part in The Refashion Runway, Season Three (2015), and came 2nd!! I was also a finalist in the 2016 ALL STARS line-up!! 

AND - I also came to be a maker & writer for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, and a teacher for Curious; there are so many talented makers on those sites, I could easily lose hours reading, and watching, the crafty tutorials....

The Videos part of this blog is updated on an ad-hoc basis with any on-air appearances I make in a 'crafty capacity', aside from my very own Youtube channel... I was also taken on by Videojug to be their Home Refashioning Expert; check out how to make a fruit bowl from a vinyl record, a scented drawer pouch from an old curtain, or a wall hanging from an old sheet!

I'm also a speaker, giving talks on the benefits of refashioning, and upcycling, at swishing events organised by the local council; find out more on their Facebook Page... or keep up to date through mine! And I'm currently delivering talks and workshops at The Maker Station in Brentford, West London - they have SO many course on offer, I highly recommend checking out their website, and dropping in for a cup of tea - they're incredibly welcoming!

Finally, I also started to make and sell wipe-clean baby bibs... apart from being stocked in a cafe in Twickenham, you can also order directly through me - gema@sequinsandslippers.com - or try making your own, here's the video tutorial!

Fabric prints and colour ways may differ from those shown, please enquire for more details.

And finally...

If you would like to collaborate, get in touch! Whether that means writing a guest post, being the star of an interview, or creating a live event... it would be lovely to hear your ideas, don't be shy :)


*Just a little aside, when I write posts on places, people or products, I am not being paid to do so. Aside from when I write for Minerva, or a book publisher, and I'm given the materials to use, I am not being given freebies, including educational courses, to review - I pay for everything I write about. If this is ever NOT the case, I will write it in the blog post, so that it is explicit. I find this is the easiest way to be completely honest, and under no obligation to write anything I don't truly feel. Thanks for reading!

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