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The snow has gone! Spring is just around the corner! Yes, it's still cold - but I'm feeling optimistic about the coming months, so I thought I'd share a sunny make, from late last year...This is a slightly different 'format' to my usual type of post, as I wanted to create something a bit more snappy... it's a straight-forward DIY, inspired by some 'snazzy' sliders I spotted online.

THE INSPIRATION: A pair of pompom sliders, by Rea Feather, currently on sale for £165!

THE MODIFICATION: I wanted an almost exact copy - with the main difference being I wanted a bit of 'lift', and not such a flat sole...

Take one pair of sliders:

Choose some brightly coloured pompom trim:

Add the trim to the slider, one row at a time, using glue to secure as you go, snipping off at the end of each row:


So, a quick final price comparison:
Sliders: £11 on eBay
Pompom trim: £6 (99p per metre) 
Glue & Glue Gun: Model's own! (but not expensive…

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