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Ideas for Support Through This Challeging Time

Hello...  What a uniquely strange time we are living through. I have wondered whether writing a post here, or on any of my social media channels, would be seen as frivolous - but I know I'm personally taking comfort from other people on social media, and welcoming their joy, optimism, and creative strength. I was saying to my lovely postman, Angelo, only yesterday - I feel like this pandemic has had a similar effect on people as alcohol; it has made their underlying personality traits larger. Charitable people are showing themselves to be truly wonderful. As such, I thought I would share something here that I found on Facebook , written by Nathanial Tapley (a friend of a friend, thank-you for the introduction Hannah!). I had a comment straight after posting this on FB from another friend, Thea, who said she's calling her local toy shop to cater for her son's upcoming 7th birthday; I applaud her reasoning. This is a time to be creative about how we spread the lov

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