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Starting Over

Yesterday I was asked to be Godmother to my friends' gorgeous twins - I felt so blessed I didn't know what to do with myself. In truth I've been feeling a little down of late...

I could tell you it's because we've had to move house a lot over the past two years, or it's because I've put weight on, and I'm not getting to the gym as much as I'd like to. But in a way, it's nothing I could put my finger on - just waking up with a feeling of... well... nothing. I'm not used to that feeling - normally my go-to setting is happy, 'up', optimistic. But recently, those feelings have been an effort for me to reach for.
Of-course, it's not really a coincidence, given that a lot of things have been going on for me, personally - but I've also brought about a big change in my professional life - so, put together, it's all a little bit unsettling.

In December I made the decision to leave a job I'd been in for twelve years... that…

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