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New Look, New Start!

Have you ever rushed out to buy new sports shoes, to incentivise you to exercise..? I have, and it works (*for me, at least)! Recently I realised that, much as I love my blog, and the process behind the writing, it has grown a little bit stale. I loved the design when it first 'arrived', the designers did a great job - and really propelled me off the generic blog site starting blocks. But every time I've looked at it recently, it's felt a bit old. Obviously, anyone seeing it for the first time wouldn't think that - and 'regulars' might even find it familiar/comforting, so this is all in my head really. But there's no arguing with that little niggling voice, it needed to change!

But hey! I want to change too! I went out and bought some proper lights, a tripod, and other bits and pieces - with a view to taking better pictures, and shooting some more videos; this time on my own. I'm a freelancer, most of my friends and colleagues are freelancers, and s…

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