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You may have noticed over the summer I was bombarding social media with photos of the Notting Hill Carnival outfits I designed and made! It was such a special experience - and I'm going to tell you why it meant so much to me, in as few words as possible!
*pics from behind the scenes*

I recognise I have plenty of readers both in the US, and the UK, so please excuse the explanation, if you're already aware of what carnival is, and what it means to London.... A bit of background about Carnival itself; the Notting Hill Carnival was first held in 1966 as an offshoot of the Trinidad Carnival, celebrating Caribbean culture and traditions in London. When it was first held, around 500 people went... it's now Europe's biggest street festival!
Notting Hill Carnival attracts approx. two million people every year, over the course of two days; it's a vivid spectacle that celebrates and showcases London’s rich, varied and magnificent multicultural past and present, with a parade, fan…

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