Laurel Competition Update... and More In The Making!

So, first a BIG thank-you!

I was really quite touched by the response I got to the dress I made for the Coletterie Blog 'Laurel' Sewing Contest - I hadn't really thought about it much, before getting into it. To explain; I entered into it to a) get myself sewing to a deadline, b) to create something new for myself, and c) to learn some new dressmaking techniques along the way (as explained in my previous Laurel post). Anyway!! What actually transpired was that I was blown away by the other entries; their style and various interpretations, and the great community atmosphere I felt from the whole experience. I also made a few new friends, and visited a few new inspiring blogs - so, when I got the e-mail with the finalists from the competition this week, I was overjoyed to find out that two of the seamstresses I featured in my Laurel post had made it through to the final!! So, Well Done to both Allyson ...

and Melissa for getting through to the Readers Choice category (the winners will be announced Monday). I have to say, I feel like I may have a talent for talent spotting!! I feel very "I told you so!" about the whole thing..! Ha!

Sew... what next..?

The other realisation I had after submitting my entry, was that I like having a deadline to make something by. If I don't have that sort of 'motivation', I can while away the hours during my free time doing a myriad of other things; running with Rod, people watching in cafes, reading... anything... but I do love making things; so if it means giving myself reasons, and dates, to work to - then sew be it! ;) And no sooner had I realised that, than a whole load of 'reasons' popped up... Over the next few weeks, I have a pair of jogging bottoms to take up a few inches (I know, hardly couture... but still), I have a top that gapes at the front to adjust for a friend at work, I have various alterations to make on my own clothes, and there are a few birthdays popping up (which I've decided to make for)... so there's my To Do List, and here is where I'll be sharing!

Starting with...

I bought a skirt in a charity shop recently, and although I love the material (floaty, light, swishy... technical words, see?); I knew when I bought it that I wouldn't wear it as it was.
I'm quite often swayed by a fabric, or an embellishment, or design; but I buy it knowing that I'll customise it when I get it home... And, as such, I have a whole heap of projects waiting to be tackled, and transformed, into heaven-only-knows-what! I think this blog is the perfect place to share projects; so that I'll have egg on my face if I don't finish..! (It's like anything you really want to achieve, if you share that goal with a few people, you're more likely to achieve it - so this is me proclaiming my goal... uh oh.....)

My plan with this skirt is to make it into a dress... and while I'm making that, and documenting the process for a future blog, I'll be posting about TV-related stuff... this coming week! Always good reading your comments and feedback; if there's anything you want to hear about - let me know..! 


To read all about what I did to the skirt, and how it turned out, click here!


  1. Firstly well done for entering the sewing comp. The flowery design is in fasion and wikl feature in the autumn/winter designs of some top designers this year.

    I couldn't really tell you the difference between a skirt and a dress (I'll guess one is longer) but really look forward to seeing what your creative mind can do with the skirt. I would probably shorten it to above knee hight, wear slightly longer red dress underneath (made from the same material or alternatively sew red material to the bottom of your skirt) and wear a wide red belt for a summery splash of colour with a plain white top and red accessories

    Enjoy your run with Roddie and I eagerly await your next interesting and informative look into the life of "that girl off the tv" :)

  2. Thanks Carl - you're not the only fella who doesn't know the difference between a dress and a skirt. In short, a skirt falls from the waist; a dress covers the entire body, including the upper body to anywhere past the hips (depending on the length).

    Interesting to hear your interpretation too! :)

  3. Have to say that Allyson's dress and photo wouldn't look out of place in a high end catalogue.

    1. I think it shows she's a professional seamstress :)

  4. Hi Gema,

    Had a flashback earlier (I'm taking pills for it..:) back to my yoof, I may be wrong but I seem to remember when daytime TV started in earnest that there was some sort of craft/sewing show on ITV in the afternoons.

    I was thinking that maybe there's room for a new version, to counteract the endless homes and auction programmes, something live that could include people using their webcams to 'phone in' for advice to to 'sew along' a la Gordon Ramsay at Christmas.
    Just a thought but I think you could be ideal fronting such a show.

    1. I'd LOVE that Brian! Not sure how TV execs would respond to that proposal... but I might have a chat about it :)

  5. A couple of years ago TV execs may have laughed off the idea of a show about baking.. So you never know, As Captain Pickard might say "Make it sew"

    1. OK... I'll try & have a few chats with a few important people... :)

  6. I'm curious how you're going to make that skirt into a dress! The skirt itself is already pretty cute so whatever you do can only make it cuter!

    I find it intriguing from the above comments that someone didn't know that difference between a skirt or a dress. :P

    1. Thanks Caroline, it did have lovely swishy fabric... it's just not 'me', if you know what I mean? Hope you like the transformation :)


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