As you know, I wanted to make sure this Blog was 'coming along nicely' before investing any time or energy into the look of it... 

In my first post I said I wanted to get the writing going (and the habit of writing, to be perfectly honest) before concentrating on making the design look pretty... Speaking of which, if you want to know how I feel at the moment, with this shiny new look, here's a joyful Blog Soundtrack to listen to whilst reading this... Obviously I run the risk of you leaving this to watch Shakira dancing... well.. she is amazing!

And, here it is! A special post today dedicated to the web designers, to say a big 'Thank-you!' to both Chloe and Jay, the talented double act team behind Simple Lines Ltd..

If you've ever had anything designed, specifically for you, you'll know how tricky it can be, saying what you want. I, for one, do not have a strong grasp of computers (beyond writing and sending e-mails, and searching for things that interest me), but I DO have an idea of what I like... It's a bit like dressmaking (in my mind), I know that making a wedding dress, for example, would be way beyond my capabilities; but I would know what to say to a dressmaker or designer about the bits I'd want, the colours, the material, the general 'feel'. Besides which,
I don't aspire to be an expert in everything; I like being able to 'employ' a hairdresser to do what I can't... or a chef in a great restaurant...

If it sounds like I'm over-egging the point, it's because I *secretly* feel a little guilty. I think, in general, if I can do something myself, I will. (Case in point, decorating my house, a very slow but steady process!). But I think I also know when to call it quits, and give the job over to a pro; which is why it was such a relief to find such a competent, creative, and communicative company to do this Blog.

And Sew... My Brief?

To create a readable. user-friendly, uncomplicated Blog that's easy on the eye. I bought the domain name, Sequins and Slippers a while back; in line with the YouTube 'show' I've started filming, as discussed in my first post; so this also paved the way, in part, for how the Blog would look.

My advice to you, if you're ever thinking of designing your own,
is to look at other peoples', who do the same sort of thing you do, and make a list of the things you like. It's not called 'copying', it's called 'cherry picking', as long as you take a little here, and a little there; isn't that what all great innovators do? *NB I'm NOT calling myself a great innovator! ;)

By the way, on a side note, on my travels I found this helpful post on blogging, if you're new to it. Really helps to focus the brain...

Chloe and Jay have come up with some great ideas and designs over the past few weeks (like Rod with the slipper in his mouth! Love that!); and are very open to feedback, which is so important when working in a creative environment. By telling you the following anecdote, I hope you realise I'm not the complete ass it makes me sound...! In one of Jay's earlier logo designs for Sequins and Slippers, the 'cartoon me' had thicker calves (see below)...

this was part of my e-mail to ask for a re-working;

Now... how to explain this? My cartoon leg reminds me of my Mum's neighbour's leg... she's the type of person who has to wear those tights on a plane... I think they're called DVT tights? And, altho' they may well look like my calves, if I'm going to have a cartoon, I may as well look like the all-improved version... ;) Could I please have a thinner leg? (I can't believe I just wrote that BTW...).

Make of that what you will... You'll notice in the 'new and improved' version I now have a tapered leg. All credit to Jay for not laughing in my cankle-face!

Design Matters

What's been most interesting about this process is the way I've had to ask myself "What do I like about this person's Blog..? And more importantly, why do I like it?". I was asked on Twitter recently about '...women's ability to assess a fabric by just touching it..,' and I think there's a lot to be said about not only being sensitive to your likes and dislikes (whatever that may be regarding) - but also assessing WHY. After all, isn't this the reason why advertising campaigns are successful (or not), it's the psychology behind it...

A final thought on that point then, would a psychologist say I'm trying to get the Blog to emulate me..? Simple, friendly, and uncomplicated? Maybe... As always, I'm interested to hear your thoughts :)

*Which, BTW, are much easier to leave now! Thanks again, Jay and Chloe!


  1. Gema,

    Conrgrats, your hard work has paid off, the site looks great, as do the calves.. Rod looks like he could have a cartoon spin off series of his own..

    1. Don't give him any ideas, he's already asking for his own trailer on set... :)
      (and thanks Brian!)


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