An Aladdin's Cave Full of Beautiful Treasures..!

It's funny, when you start blogging, you think you have an idea of what you'll write about; but the truth is mine seems to be writing itself... I look back over the past four months' posts, and I see a backlog of events and experiences that I recall fondly, like a patchwork quilt made up of crafty delights! Even running is creative, in my addled mind!

Now, enough of the 'pretty' procrastinations, let me introduce you to another treat, The Fabric Warehouse In Uxbridge... and the blogpost soundtrack I've chosen for you to listen to today..? I thought this track by Bjork is apt; a surprising, creative, feel-good, big band celebration!!

 "One day, I found a big book buried deep in the ground... then to my surprise it started writing itself..."

As a sewer, I'm always interested in places to stock up; not just on fabric, but on all the little bits and pieces, pretty buttons, unusual bias binding, and anything else that grabs my attention..! I'm a big fan of all the fabric shops on Goldhawk Road, they're amazing for a bargain... but last week I thought I'd try and find somewhere different, so Googled 'West London Fabric Shops'...

So, What's So Special About The Fabric Warehouse..?

For a start the staff are lovely, and let's face it - that's a BIG thing, especially when you want a shop assistant who knows their stuff, and makes you feel like there's time to talk about what you need... They are great in there!
Decor-wise... it's like a parlour... A visual treat, filled with all sorts of treasures, that go deep into the back of the shop... Instead of trying to describe it, I'll show you why it's so appealing... In no particular order;

there's a chaise longue just waiting for you to compare rolls of fabric, or to lean back and admire the surroundings, I'm not sure which... but, either way, it feels decadent!

The fabric is sorted by colour... in other words, if you're looking for corduroy, you'll go to the same place as where the chiffon is; you're led by colour, not fabric type. Something about that appeals to me, like a child who knows they want to colour an elephant in grey... but they don't care if it's a felt tip pen, or an oil-based paint. 
I know, I'm childish... 

It also feels like you're being entertained, somehow, by the way they've set everything up... It could be my imagination, but - a bit like in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - you're tempted to touch everything... make something with everything... and generally buy everything. 
*and no, before you ask, I didn't. I was very disciplined and went with a list!

While you're wandering around, it feels like you're being given a constant demonstration of what you could be making... heart-shaped cushions draped on the back of chairs, the chairs themselves upholstered in a way that makes you think of Elton John (not in a classy way, in a colourful way!)...

And there are also some unusual deals in there; prints you don't see everywhere, and prices that are quite surprising, on good quality fabrics...

I suppose, in a way, they've also managed to make it look homely; like the workshop you've always dreamt of having in your own home. Or shed. Or neighbour's converted barn, if you live in the sticks. You get the picture...

And the one thing I went in for, and came out with, was inspiration for the latest dress-making competition I'm entering (*you know I'm a sucker for those!)... I think I may have made life harder for myself, in the fabric I've chosen; as I can see it will need an underskirt. Or under dress, even! The lace IS beautiful, no doubt about that, but I may have bitten off more than I can chew; time will tell...

AND! It turns out The Fabric Warehouse has only recently moved to this location, and they're now on the verge of starting classes upstairs (*which, as you can imagine, I'd love to try!)... 

Sew! Yet another location for me to rave about; if you can't get there in person, take a look at their online selection - and let me know what you think...

More on 'That Dress' for 'That Competition' in my next blog post... :)


  1. Looks like a very tactile place, had a flashback to George Henry Lee's in Liverpool for some reason, maybe it's a throwback to all those fabric places we had to go to as children with my mother.

    When I first saw the tweet with the words underground and sewer I thought now this is an adventurous woman, going on a tour of the Victorian sewer system at the height of the July temperatures..

    As regards the lace dress is it akin to some of the ones that the lovely Rachael Riley wears on occasion on countdown?

    They seem to be something along the lines of what you mentioned above, sort of a delicate lace covering of an under dress.

    1. I loved that place, used to go with my Nan a lot when I was little... now it's Abakhan I head to, whenever I get chance if I'm back up there...

      Yes - that dress is similar to what I'm going for, I might go for something with a bit more contrast (like a royal blue) underneath; still playing around with ideas... :)

      Thanks again, Brian, for commenting, always good to hear from you! And no Victorian sewers for me; I'm not THAT brave!

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  3. They could have filmed the Father Ted ladies undergarment dept scene in that shop, upstairs, downstairs and yet still be on the same floor..

    I think the contrast colour sounds good, even as a Liverpool supporter I could see Royal Blue as attractive..

  4. AMAZING place - thank you, thank you, for the tip-off...

    1. You're welcome! And now they've started their classes upstairs... Think it's about time I went back! :)

  5. This has reminded me how much I used to LOVE sewing and embroidery and all things cotton and lace when I was a kid. I wonder if I should re-visit my childhood passion... hmmm. You have inspired me Ms Ensenat. Thank you!

    1. See, I wasn't ever any good at it when I was little; so this is all fairly new to me... but if you also add nostalgia into the mix, then I'd imagine it's enough to make you burst!! :) Go for it!


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