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A couple of months ago, my friend Rhowena asked me if I could help her fulfil one of her wishes for her wedding day... Although she refused to wear the full Seven of Nine outfit for the ceremony (as requested by her trekkie-loving other half... was he joking? I don't know...) - she did concede to a sci-fi theme for the reception, which was great fun!

So how did this involve my craftiness? The cake topper! As you read this post, I thought I'd give you one of my favourite Doris Day songs as today's blog post soundtrack... You decided whether the secret love she's referring to is the groom's penchant for Starfleet..!

I've known the couple for a good few years now, and loved the fact they were doing something so unique to celebrate their special day... you know what a big fan I am of customising!

The premise was to use Wall E and his girlfriend Eve as the cute couple on top of the cake; the only modification was to be the veil for Eve (the groom was sorting out Wall E's top hat). I took pics at every stage of the making process, so this is pretty light editorially speaking; I think the pictorial How To is pretty self-explanatory... I'll start with the tools you'll need (if you ever feel like turning a robot into a bride... specific I know...);

Rhowena provided me with the robot figurine, Eve, she bought 'her' online; I basically raided my stash of buttons, sequins, clips, glue and thread before heading off to Goldhawk Road to stock up on the missing elements - gems on wire (yes, they are called that) and various 'sprays', with feathers, pearls, and diamanté... I used my pliers and glue to make it all hold together, and obviously netting for the veil itself. I also kept the remaining bits so that the hairdresser on the day could weave in the same elements into Rhowena's hair... was that going too far?! 

And Sew to the How To...

Obviously the first thing to do was decide which elements would work best; based on what I knew Rhowena's dress would look like, I chose the pearl-encrusted wire - and cut the netting to fit the model...

The good thing about working with wire is that I didn't need to sew the netting to itself, I just used the wire as if it was thread, feeding it through the material to hold it in place...

Having chopped off the excess wire, I set about sticking it to Eve's head... I was a little worried that crafting glue wouldn't be strong enough, but I figured I could up the ante with superglue, if I needed to, later... 

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd see myself write; after sticking a veil onto a robot, hold it in place for what feels like far too long. And then a little longer. If you think about how long nail polish takes to dry, even when you THINK they're set, they're not... 

Picture it;'re rummaging around in the bottom of your handbag for your car keys after a manicure (which isn't often, as you prefer to do them yourself) and you suddenly realise you've chipped two of your shiny new nails noticeably, the whole thing's mucked up, and the beautician's looking at you as if to say "Why didn't you get your car keys out BEFORE I started working on your cuticles..? If you think I'm redoing them for nothing, you've got another thing coming!!". I mean, that's happened to all of us, hasn't it? 
(hasn't it? Back me up here...)

ANYWAY... apply the same logic to anything glue-related! After the initial pressure, try not to touch it again for quite some time!

Have I missed anything out? I don't think so, but let me know if there's a glaring omission! Or if you want details on crafty suppliers... as a parting shot, here's the blushing bride with the veil swept off her face so you can see her lovely features.........


Oh yes - and here's Eve, playing the part with Wall-E on the big day! Congratulations Farrell and Rhowena, what a beautiful couple!

p.s. I may have entered into the sci-fi spirit a little too whole-heartedly...


  1. Thank you Gema for your many talents on our big day, Eva looked just stunning in her veil. :-)

    1. Thank-YOU Rho, for letting me be part of it! xxx

  2. All you need to do now is brush up on your wedding singing and you'll be the complete one stop wedding shop..

    1. Don't even go there, the thought had crossed my mind!


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