Simple Is, As Simple Does... (*A Very Simple Rehash)

You may already be aware of my aversion to easy refashionings. In fact, now I come to think of it, I'm rather suspicious of anything if it happens too easily... work, money, love, success in general really... what does THAT say about me?! Or are we all a little bit like that? Hello..? Anyone?! Moving swiftly on... 

What I'm sharing today is a VERY SIMPLE refashioning, in fact, you could call it a hemming. The only thing that makes it more than 'hemming' is that fact that it was a jumpsuit... and now it's a top!

I needn't explain how I feel about all-in-one trouser suits, I think I made myself ABUNDANTLY clear in my last post on jumpsuits... but when I saw this one hanging on the sale rack for £7, I was drawn to the lace work, and figured it was very little to invest in finding out what it could become...
The blog post sound track for today? Hooked on a Feeling, which is exactly how I feel about refashioning... which is just as well seeing as this is what I mostly write about!

(I won't string this one out - it was so easy, I'm almost embarrassed telling you about it!)

First I chose where to make the cut, to separate the trousers from the top half... snipped it off... then...

I removed the excess fabric, hanging loops (does ANYONE actually use those things?) and belt loops, using the seam ripper...

...and then I put it on, added a black skirt and heels, walked into the garden, picked up Roddie for cuddles, and had some photos taken... Too easy, right?

I could get all soppy at this point, and tell you he makes me SO happy, he's the best boy - and such good company, I love his cuddles... but I won't. Instead I'll tell you his back feet are always getting stuck in the waistband of whatever I'm wearing, making me look like a hobo wearing someone else's clothes. And THAT'S why I took more pics without him. :)

So, going back to my original point in this post, it did seem a LITTLE too easy to achieve this particular refashioning... so I'm tempted to revisit this some time soon. 

In fact, I was lucky enough to take a course at the Fashion and Textile Museum in couture techniques last week, and it was fabulous... and the reason why this is relevant? Well I'll do a review on the course itself very soon, but in the meantime, since doing the course, I feel much better equipped to hem, bind, and finish garments owing to the tips I picked up that day. And I might just apply one of those techniques to this top. The eagle-eyed amongst you will be asking how I hemmed this garment... I didn't! It's not fraying, but that's not to say it will last forever, unfrayed and intact - so I'll very likely use the lonely-leg-left-overs as binding. But not right now. For now I'm just going to enjoy Roddie cuddles.

Enjoy the summer while it lasts..! My oh my... I'm SEW in my element in this weather! Til next time!

Big hug,
Gema x


In other news...

  • I received a beautiful book to review, that's coming soon... and boy you're in for a treat if you enjoy the theatre, and are interested in costume design (like me!)...
  • As I've just mentioned in this post, I'll also be filling you in on the couture course I took at the Fashion and Textile Museum, taught by one of Zandra Rhodes' dressmakers...
  • I've been invited to three weddings this year, happening in fairly quick succession, and I made a promise to myself to make my outfit to each event... The first of those weddings is in Scotland, next Saturday... which means, apart from the dress, I'm also making a tartan sash for myself too... A bit self-indulgent, and I'm feeling a bit against the clock now, but I'm determined to get it finished in time!! Will share all, as usual, here!


  1. Just proves with a few simple steps and a great imagination, a common item of clothing can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind outfit.

    Well done Gema! :)

  2. I bet if you wanted to find a piece of lace for a particular design you'd end up searching high and low for something that costs £7, looking forward to hearing about the course.
    I'm off to my nephew's wedding next week, he's marrying a teacher , so wedding has to be in summer holidays. They decided to save money by going for a midweek wedding in the Lakes, I'll not be wearing a tartan sash though. I'm confident yours will be tasteful and elegant.

    1. You're right about the lace, it was a lucky find (that just-so-happened to be attached to something else!). As for the wedding, have a wonderful time!! And no, maybe tartan isn't appropriate for yours.... :)


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