An Easy Peasy DIY - Make Your Own Hand Warmer!

You may recall I wrote a post on making a doggy warmer? Well here's the Videojug tutorial to go with it!

If you'd rather read the step-by-step blog post, that's HERE. And yes, it could be a doggy, or moggy, warmer... Or for you, or a *human* friend!

It's the third instalment in my Crafty Sew and Sew series, hope you like it... and if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, don't hesitate to comment at the bottom!

The one thing this video doesn't mention is how long to stick it in the microwave for!! I'd recommend 20 seconds, on full power, then take it out and see how warm it is. Stick it back in for another ten seconds, and test again... repeat that until you've got it to the desired temperature. It's hard to give a more accurate time, as I can't possibly know how much rice you've used to fill your particular warmer... so it'll have to be a 'suck it and see' method you use :)

ALSO - VERY IMPORTANT - as I stated in my dog warmer tutorial, if you're thinking about getting crafty with the design of your warmer, feel free to embroider a pattern (or the name of your pooch, cute!) onto the fleece - BUT DON'T USE ANY METALLIC THREADS OR NOTIONS (like sequins)! It may seem obvious, but I don't want to be responsible for your microwave exploding..! :D

And, if you're interested, here are the other videos in the Crafty Sew and Sew series;
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and what came after...
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Thanks for watching!

Gema x


  1. Like it but didn't the dog put up a fight for the blanket? A great professional looking production.

    Can't remember the last time I owned a blanket though.. can remember as a child having blankets boosted by overcoats in the depths of winter in Brassic Bootle, oh for microwaveable bed warmers..

    1. Haha! No, Rod's got plenty of blankets... enough to have doggy sleep-overs, if he wanted (not that he ever would)...
      And I agree with you Brian - I would've loved a warmer when I was little :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ricky!! SO pleased you like it :)


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