Crafty Sew and Sew video no.6 - The Secret Compartment Book

Here we go then, here's my version of secrecy - normally I'm an open book, haha! Oh dear...

If you've got any questions to ask, suggestions to make, or secrets to share... it'd be lovely to hear from you; please leave a comment!

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More to come! ;) 

See you soon!

Gema x 


  1. Oooooh Gems, Well done and well timed ! Only the other day I was clearing the loft of some childhood bits ( as you do ) and I came across what looked like a book which in reality was a purpose built safe BUT all made of plastic and with a combination lock. Of course I couldn`t remember the numbers to open it ( well it was at least12 years old, wink wink ) so ditched it. Then up you come with this idea. I`ll give it a go. If I don`t get in contact any more then you`ll know the ruler slipped !!! Hugggs, Brian S.

      And you just ditched the 'safe box', without even trying to prise it open? Aren't you interested in what your twelve-year-old-self considered a prized possession? I am... :)


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