Like a bolt from the blue... or old pillowcase!

So, onto the next crafty video in the Sew and Sew series..! 

Is this apt for Halloween..? Well it is spookily easy to do! 


Maybe you'd like to make something that glows in the dark, to bring some light to the hallway/kitchen/child's bedroom, as the nights grow colder and darker? If so, paint the rim of the cloud with glow-in-the-dark paint (I did that, but when we shot the last part of the video, with the 'Big Reveal', it didn't show on camera... it works in real life though!)

And - if like me you've got a dog- this is a more gentle and silent way to enjoy things that light up in the dark on Bonfire Night ;) 

FYI, a few points to mention; the dimensions I start with are based specifically on the size of the cushion I wanted to create - you can make it as big - or as small - as you like. Obviously you can also draw any shape you like to hang from it, not just stars, or thunder bolts... and you don't NEED a stencil - I'm just not that sure of my artistic drawing talents! ;) But if you're a dab hand at paper-cutting, you might want to have a go at crafting a few Día de los Muertos skulls to hang... cool!

If you do happen to make one of your own, be sure to email me a pic - that way I can share it with everyone else here :)

Finally, a quick recap, just in case you're interested in the videos that have gone before;
Episode 1; Take an old record, and cook up a new bowl!
Episode 2; Convert a curtain into a perfumed pouch, for your drawers!
Episode 3; Refashion an old fleece into a hand warmer (or dog comforter!)
Episode 4; Turn an old white sheet into a domino cushion cover
Episode 5; Change an old duvet into a decorative wall hanging
Episode 6; Rework an old hardback book into a secret compartment...

Happy Making!

Speak soon...
Gema x


  1. Gema, you are so effing pretty! I can't stand it! :) :) Seriously, how cute are you!? And, I've always wondered about your accent... lovely, just lovely.

    The tutorial is fabulous, too. What a great idea. I hope you're on TV, 'cause you need to be. With a mug and a personality like that it'd be crazy for you NOT to be on TV. In America we have sewing shows (I won't name drop because that's not nice) and they are BORING. You are not boring. I would watch your sewing show all the time!

    Seriously, love you to death! (And, I promise I'll have a video on my stupid blog too... I haven't forgotten. Life gets in the way... although, I'm kind of nervous now because you're so insanely awesome in front of the camera, I don't want to look lame). :)

    1. You are so funny! And far too complimentary!! Y' know, whenever I watch these videos back, I'm always thinking what I should have said/done differently, how I could have been...better. Thank you for being so lovely about it tho!! And I'm really NOT cute at all...must be good lighting! (*runs off to buy studio lighting for house*)

      And please DO record something!! I mean, the fact you say those sewing channels are naff, means you know you could do a better job- do it! Show them how it's done! Xxx


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