DIY Christmas Present! The final video tutorial for 2015...

There's still time on the run up to Christmas, to make an easy, effective, useful stocking filler for your loved one!

A few points I'd like to mention, either while you're watching this DIY - or after...

For a start, I'd like you to bear in mind that we filmed this in the middle of summer - I know 'club tropicana, off-the-shoulder' wear is not very festive! So please forgive me... also, while we're on the subject of outifts, I've learnt a very valuable lesson, watching this back; I could be mistaken for a naturist sat behind the machine. Is that A Thing? Like a Nudist Beach - a 'Nudist Sewing Room'? Well if it IS, then this ISN'T that! I'm a little embarrassed... but feel better now that I've been able to point that out; it will NOT happen again! Haha!

If the tea towels in this video look rather 'new', that's because my old tea towels were a bit too raggedy to use for filming; but these particular tea towels were uber-cheap, from Wilko's (if you're interested). It's not that hard to imagine incorporating 'themes' (be it Christmas, Easter, or just to match your bathroom or luggage set) - so go wild with your tea towel choice!

There are two things I like about this little project, firstly it'll last well - even if your 'products' spill, the pouch is washable... :) Secondly, it's one of the easiest DIY gifts to make, for a man or a woman (not all of my video tutorials are unisex!), so it could be extra-special for your other half or family member that's hard to buy for... monogrammed too, if you like, knock yourself out!

It's always good to hear your feedback, and be sure to e-mail photos to me of your finished projects; I'd love to share them with everyone else here!

Finally, if you'd like to check out the other videos, without scrolling through the Youtube Playlist, here they are, with a brief description;

Episode 1 Take an old record, and cook up a new bowl!
Episode 2 Convert a curtain into a perfumed pouch, for your drawers!
Episode 3 Refashion an old fleece into a hand warmer (or dog comforter!)
Episode 4 Turn an old white sheet into a domino cushion cover
Episode 5 Change an old duvet into a decorative wall hanging
Episode 6 Rework an old hardback book into a secret compartment box...
and finally...
Episode 7 Create a hanging cloud mobile from an old sheet!

*The final project is above.....

I'll be back, with a final post for 2015... in the meantime, wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones x

Gema x


  1. That's really cute. I can see that working for a lot of gifts (not just Christmas). I was a little confused about the ribbon, but it all made sense in the end :) Very nice. I'll be copying it for sure.

    The Peplum really suits you! (And, I don't see anything wrong with a nudist sewing least in your own home, right?) *wink wink.

    1. Agreed - I think I could've been clearer about the ribbon..!
      And as for the naked sewing - you wouldn't suggest that if you knew how clumsy I am with pins!!! :D X

  2. I loved the tutorial and gift idea but absolutely hilarious that you're doing naturist sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yup... that's me... starting a trend... (hopefully not!!) ;)

  3. I purchased my first sewing machine earlier in the year, still boxed & unused. You have given me the inspiration Gema to get started, although it won't be a naked sew as too chilly in a drafty north facing house by the sea & yes, the pins! Ouch!!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful & imaginative ideas, you are a breath of fresh air! ** Feliz Navidad Gema ** RayH

    1. I'm SO pleased!! Really chuffed you're going to get it out of the box! It can be daunting, getting started - but I'm sure you'll be hooked the moment you get into it :) The thought of your house-by-the-sea makes me *sigh*...

      (as for Naked Sewing... too many people have mentioned it for it NOT to be a thing - I'm starting to think it could be as big in 2016 as Zumba was in 2011...)

      Thanks for commenting Ray!


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