An Easy Christmas DIY Refashion - Using Your Old Tights, or Pantyhose...

Let's talk tights. (*and, if you're American, I'm talking about pantyhose here!) Question; what do you do with yours if/when they ladder, or get too worn to wear..? Come on, tell me - I want to know!

You see, I'm a big fan of opaque tights (they can look great with a skirt and boots) - and I love patterned tights (for making that 'plain' outfit look more 'planned') - but unfortunately the non-opaque, more 'fragile' denier tights, don't last long with me. Maybe it's my rough nails...maybe I'm too impatient with them? And even when they don't ladder, the thicker tights can look a little raggedy, and I'm less inclined to pull them out of the drawer... (*MAYBE I'm on my own with this predicament?)

Suffice to say, over the past week I've been chucking out A LOT of stuff that no longer has any use - and in that major clear out I started to consider what to do with all the pairs of redundant tights... which just so happened to coincide with putting the tree decorations back in the loft... see where I'm going here? No? OK, I'll be more specific!

And, whilst you're reading this, here's my suggested blogpost soundtrack for today :)
(FYI this is one of my favourite Billy Joel songs, picture me singing it to the tights as I worked with them. Yes, I need to get out more.)

So - here's what I'm getting at, in basic mathematical arithmetic:

(old tights) + (old baubles) = New Christmas Refashion!

This is very easy to do; I've made two collages, of six basic steps, that can be repeated again and again with the same pair of tights, and various baubles (depending on the size of your tights, and baubles...). I'd say you could get at least six refashioned baubles out of every pair; in this example I'm using some pre-loved polka dot tights:

First, thread the bauble through to the end of the tight leg. When you've stretched the tight around the bauble to a sufficient degree (depending on how you want the finished bauble to look), tie the open end with a piece of ribbon, bias binding, string, or anything appropriate to hand. When secure, cut the tight to release the bauble, being careful not to cut through the hanging loop attached to the bauble. At this point you might want to paint the open end of the tight with clear nail polish, to stop it from laddering; but I didn't need to with this particular pair of tights - so I went on to the next stage.

Taking the open end of the tight leg, I sewed a long straight stitch on the machine, then left enough of a thread tail to pull the new hem in (as a drawstring), before tying up to secure. This then meant the tights were ready to have another bauble inserted, to start the process all over again. If you don't have a sewing machine, a small running stitch will do!

I found that using the shiny metallic baubles gave more of an effective finish to the end result (rather than the muted or patterned baubles). I've also got a pair of fishnet tights, and rose-print lovelies in my stash, just begging to be refashioned into baubles... On another note, you could think about making bath bombs, or soap, using your tights in the same way, to make a gift bag... I may well share that in my next post :) For now, here's a pic of the baubles hanging in situ!

And about that...
I've been uhmm-ing and ah-ing over writing both a retrospective post about 2015, and a resolution post for 2016 - but I've been struck with a midwinter malaise recently. Sometimes I feel there are so many awful things happening in the world, that this little blog of mine is a bit pointless - from a global point of view, I mean. It hasn't been pointless to me personally; it's often given me a lifeline - and a strong sense of community with other like-minded bloggers... and that's the feeling I'm aiming to hang onto, as I set myself the small challenge of writing more often. It's not like I'm lacking in content, or ideas...

For starters I have a lot of reviews to write up, both on lovely prizes I won back in 2015 - and giveaways I was lucky enough to be offered. I don't know whether I should write one big gratitude post - or a few mini stand-alone thank-you posts... either way, they're coming! Aside from the Musings, there are the Makings; the dress I made for the Hong Kong wedding back in November, the sequin skirt that was meant for a party (that never happened...), and my sister's refashioned coat. Something I'd like to do more this year is collaborations; with makers, writers, and creative people in general...that's always a surefire way to fire up my mojo/sewjo, so let me know if you'd be up for that. :D

In the meantime, if you haven't taken your Christmas decorations down yet, (or even put them up!) and you've been considering upcycling your decorations, maybe you'll want to try doing this to your baubles! Or, instead of chucking your Christmas cards out, try turning them into new cards for next year, or gift tags, with my easy-peasy tutorial from a couple of years ago!

Sew, until next time - wishing my Spanish family and friends ¡Feliz día de los Reyes Magos! - and Happy Epiphany to my English speaking counterparts, for this coming Wednesday :)

Health and Happiness x
Gema x


  1. Clever Idea to change up the baubles and create a different look for the tree.
    I have seen tights refashioned to remove the damaged parts and create new tights out of two or three old pairs by one of the contributor on this site. It was from memory Sarger I Favor. I thought it was a great idea and one that I intend to try out if the weather ever cools enough top wear tights again.

    1. Ooh...thank you for that, would they look like stripey new tights? I'll be looking into that!

      Thanks Dee, I'll scour the Refashion Coop site x

  2. I haven't done anything crafty with tights or pantyhose; the closest I have come is using them cut in segments to stuff small toys, or filling them with fiberfill before stuffing crocheted toys to prevent stuffing migration. Otherwise I just use them for things like tying stuff together, such as when tie-dyeing, or to stuff a bun (wind a leg or two around the base of your ponytail depending on hair length and thickness, then spread your hair evenly while tucking the ends under and pinning.

    1. Wow! There's so much I hadn't realised they'd be good for!! Thanks MsKat - I especially like the hair bun tip :) x

  3. Great idea with the tights and also a great idea for making tags from (old) Christmas cards! I had just been cutting off the fronts and saving them for tags for next year but you go one step (or more) further!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I can imagine just using the fonts looks rather classy... will be trying that! :)

  4. Very nice. I like that you call them "baubles" :) And, I know what you mean about the "soul searching" aspect of blogging. I've been thinking along the same lines... I enjoy it very much but in the grand scheme of life, what's the point? I'm going to blame it on Winter blues... #DeepThoughts At any rate, I'm very much looking forward to your upcoming reviews, the Hong Kong dress, and your sister's coat :) Happy New Year, my friend!

    1. Wait, back up there Matey! What do you call them over there..? Don't leave me hanging like that! ;)

      And yes - I'm hoping it is something as simple as winter blues, I've never been good at plodding through cold dark days & nights... but your blog is a wonderful source of warmth, light, and positive energy - so I'll be there often, to refuel! x Happy New Year to You Too! x

  5. How sweet are YOU! :)

    On my side of the pond we call them "bulbs"... have no idea why.

    1. BULBS? Well... I would never have guessed that in a million years...


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