Living the Simple Life... in the Simplicity 6346 Skirt!

So, it's been a while...

In between juggling various jobs, I recently went to Spain for a week - a much deserved break, I feel! Lots of swimming...eating...walking...reading... and taking photos.
Here's one I took of the corner of a building in Alicante that caught my eye...

- and another of the city itself, a photo taken of the coastline from the fortress... (as I write this, I'm unsure how a panoramic shot from my phone will look/open on a blog post, but here goes!)

I normally go to Málaga in the summer, to see the family. Although it was lovely to see a different part of the country, I can't say it wasn't a bit weird going to Spain, and not seeing them... Well I'll just have to go back soon to rectify the situation! (*any excuse!)

In the sewing room, there's been progress, on different projects, at different speeds. The Chloe Coat making course was just wonderful... I really wish I was in a position to do a sewing course every week, of every year - I felt like I learned SO much from that experience, and the class camaraderie was fab too. The coat STILL needs hemming... and then there's my latest Minerva make!

This skirt was made up in a multitude of little steps. I did the majority before I went away, and added the finishing touches on my return. In fact, I would say that - although the New Look 6346 pattern is a straight-forward skirt to make up, and described as an 'easy' sew - you do need at least two days to complete it... if only because it says so, in Step 9 of the instructions...

One of the things I like about the collaboration I have with the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network is the fact it's challenging me to have to make things, to fit sewing in to my life. I'm really pleased with this skirt, if only because I can see it becoming a wardrobe staple, especially as I can make it up in various fabrics.

I also feel the skirt made me look at dressmaking in a more formulaic way, which I can apply to refashioning. I think the two disciplines complement each other well. Currently I'm working on a lace dress, which I was hoping to wear to an upcoming wedding in July - but, as I showed on Instagram, it needs to be a different colour first!

I was planning on dying it a coral colour...but that didn't quite go to plan! That story can wait until I've rescued finished the dress, until then, here's the link to the Minerva Crafts page, so you can read up on my newest musings, on the New Look Simplicity Skirt.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the Summer! (I'm laughing as I write this...)

Gema x


  1. Best make use of the white lace dress whilst the tan lasts..

  2. When you step off the plane for a week in Spain do you revert to Soanish first or think in English and speak Spainish when you need to?

    1. I don't feel native, if that's what you mean - I'd have to be there at the very least for a few weeks, speaking only a small amount of English, before I'd start thinking in Spanish first :)

  3. Yes, thanks, just wondered how the brain is programmed, I suppose in Alicante the accent might not be something you were used to anyway.

  4. Very Nice! I can't count the number of times I've failed at using dye :( As for the buttonholer on your Janome... Make sure your zig zag adjustment knob is set to 5. That will make the last step of the button hole a true satin zig zag and not a "sparse" one :) Try it on a scrap. I promise it'll turn out perfectly!

    1. Wooah there, back up a minute! It's mostly reading your dye refashions that convinced me to go for it! Haha!!And - re.the botton hole tip - that's fab, thank-you so much x I take it that's to do, instead of using the automatic button hole function? Great advice!! Thanks Laura x

    2. Seriously?!? I inspired you to dye? Yikes lol :) As for buttonhole, you still want to use automatic button hole function. Just make sure your width knob (knob located somewhere in front of the bobbin winder on top of the machine) is set to 5 (that's millimeters). If that knob is on 4 or 3, it'll make the last step of the buttonhole look sparse. If that's not making any sense I'll send you a pic on Instagram! :)


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