Christmas Greetings!

I can't believe it's been so long... in fact, the longest ever break since I started this blog. SO, before I get to explaining myself, here's today's blog post soundtrack - my FAVOURITE Christmas track of all time!!

WAY back in October I made some bunting from burlap sacks, using cardboard to cut into heart-shaped stencils, for gold and white spray paint... 

I also used white fabric, and fabric glue, to create a matching look. They were for a close friend of mine, for her wedding - and thankfully she loved them :) 

That was the last time I used the sewing machine, before the ceiling fell in...

Owing to a leak from the bathroom, water came through the ceiling in my lounge... dropping water and plaster onto my sewing area, including the table, my machine, and fabric. I thought that was the worst of it - and took my machine in for a service, whilst laundering the fabric - but I went on to realise that the repairs (for both the ceiling and the flooring), and subsequent mess, meant I'd be out of sewing action for much longer than I'd first thought.

Suffice to say, the new flooring is now down (which you'll get a glimpse of shortly, as the backdrop to my wreath), the ceiling is as good as new - and I'm starting to sort through everything (which had to be boxed up, and sent upstairs, to make room for the repairs to happen). I decided to use it as an opportunity to get rid of lots of clutter, and streamline my sewing space. Let's see how long that lasts! Of-course, the whole sifting process takes a while, and it's been interrupted by the fact I've been putting Christmas decorations up, so I'm just taking it one day at a time. Or rather, one box at a time... 

I really have missed sewing.

I took up other hobbies; in October I worked in a temporary role that involved commuting, so I started cross stitch. That was fabulous in terms of seeing results quickly, but it didn't 'quench my thirst' for getting back behind the sewing machine. Still, it kept me entertained....

I've also done a fair bit of hand sewing, taking time to make repairs, hemming and the like. And whilst the folks at Minerva have been more than patient (as I was contributing a monthly 'make', right up to the ceiling incident) - it's pressure I feel from me, more than anything or anyone else, to start sewing again.
I think what also brought it home, was finding a sewing wishlist I'd written at the start of the year...

Funnily enough, although I have actually fulfilled most of those 'ambitions', the one thing I was determined to do, was create more of a capsule wardrobe, which relates to a day course I did last weekend at Morley College, called 'Be Your Own Stylist'. It gave a backdrop to what styling is, how fashion and trends affect our own notions of 'style', and also included some practical exercises; including creating a 'vision board' of sorts. The premise was to go through lots of fashion magazines, and cut out images that appealed, either because of colour, texture, or 'form'. What struck me was the difference between what I've been making, and what I'd like to be wearing, be it in colour, or style. That, my friends, will change in 2017...! Big words, I know - but my hope is to create a strong capsule wardrobe that reflects who I am, and what I do - in other words, be fit for purpose.

In the meantime, I thought I'd make my own wreath this year. Instead of making it from scratch, I spotted a 'naked' fir wreath that was just screaming for embellishment, so I set up a Pinterest board to see what came up - and used the bits I liked the most...
Here's the before (*notice new flooring? And Rod...):

And here's the after!

Too much..?!
I haven't written a How To, as I think this post is already long enough... I may well do that, before December is out...
In the meantime, wishing you a Wonderful Christmas, and the most happy of years ahead; it's been a tumultuous year, let's make 2017 one to remember, for all the right reasons :)

Gema x


  1. Wow, sounds like you've been busy. Love the new floor....

    1. Thanks Beth! Wishing you, and your family, a wonderful Christmas! X

  2. I love the wreath! I don't think it's "too much" at all, rather, just right. Sorry you've had a go of it lately... that's a bummer. I'm excited for all your projects in 2017, though :)

    1. Thanks Laura, really pleased you like it :)
      Well, we all go through it sometimes... and yes, me too! I'm ready for a new start! Also looking forward to seeing what 2017 holds for you, and the classes you've been teaching - ALL good stuff!! X


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