New Look, New Start!

Have you ever rushed out to buy new sports shoes, to incentivise you to exercise..? I have, and it works (*for me, at least)! Recently I realised that, much as I love my blog, and the process behind the writing, it has grown a little bit stale. I loved the design when it first 'arrived', the designers did a great job - and really propelled me off the generic blog site starting blocks. But every time I've looked at it recently, it's felt a bit old. Obviously, anyone seeing it for the first time wouldn't think that - and 'regulars' might even find it familiar/comforting, so this is all in my head really. But there's no arguing with that little niggling voice, it needed to change!

But hey! I want to change too! I went out and bought some proper lights, a tripod, and other bits and pieces - with a view to taking better pictures, and shooting some more videos; this time on my own. I'm a freelancer, most of my friends and colleagues are freelancers, and sometimes getting a date to meet (socially, or otherwise) is VERY challenging as we are all taking work all over the place - so I'm attempting to make myself a little less reliant on others, in this creative process. NB - Although I may learn HOW to take a good shot technically, it may take a little longer to take a good shot with me as the 'model', see above...
I've already dived into my refashioning pile, and taken a load of 'before' shots, and I'll be filming a review in the coming month; I'm driving it all forward by taking on exciting projects that get me fired up!

SO - after a bit of shuffling around and editing, here is the 'new' blog - what are your thoughts? This time I've been influenced by what I like in other blogs I read - big photos, a clean interface, and not too much detail in terms of text on the homepage. Whilst the blog hasn't lost any of it's original functionality or features - it's all now neatly hidden away, in what I like to think of as the online equivalent of Ikea furnitute...!

Just a short post today, to get me back in the blogging game, and to introduce the new look - all feedback welcome, as always! (*there is a slight glitch with the logo presently, but I'd rather work on that, and post this, than wait for that to be perfect!)

To finish off for today, here's the blogpost soundtrack... THIS always gets me in the mood for summer, my favourite season of all!!

Speak soon,
Gema x


  1. I LIKE it, Gema! I feel like it's a bit easier to navigate. The font looks a little bit bigger (of course I am wearing my glasses so that might've helped *wink) and I think it has a more "crisp" look to it. (there was nothing wrong with your previous design; just emphasizing what I like about the new one) :) I think it looks very professional, indeed. Can't wait to see a new refashion post!

    1. Thank-you so much Laura! I can't remember how many months ago it was you revamped yours (?) - but I felt the same way when I saw it, your looks more 'crisp' too! So thank-you!! X And, I meant to say before - the idea of a cat in a bag made me laugh!! :D

  2. Hi gema-you look absolutely gorgeous xxc

    1. haha! These are my mickey-taking faces ;)


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