Me-Made-Wedding Part 2; The Mother of the Bride!

Hello! How DID November happen? The months have been flying by - and I've got so much to share - but, if I'm going to do this in order, then I have to tell you about my 2nd wedding 'make', My Mum's Shawl! And the blogpost soundtrack for today? The number one for brides walking down the aisle, Pachelbel's Canon in D (hey, it wasn't mine - but it IS the number one, so why not use it here?!). 
You can just about see Mum's shawl, in this selfie we took outside the house, before we made our way to the ceremony...

As a reminder, in my last post I shared a pic of the wrap-around shawl my Mum had seen online, which she thought would look good with her arusi outfit; a very simple garment, with no fastenings, which held it's shape in a rather unique way... Here's the pic:

This was THE easiest part of my 'wedding makings' - as I made it in a copycat way, by finding a very similar shawl in a shop, and taking the measurements:

I then took a trip onto Goldhawk Road, wandered around for a couple of hours with a snippet of fabric from her dress, and eventually bought some fabric to match/contrast with her dress/metallic accessories, before transferring the markings, and cutting out...

Sometimes only a frying pan will do, when it comes to rounding up the edges..!

You can see, from the first pic of this material, it was prone to extreme fraying (!) - so the trickiest part of this was working quickly... but aside from that, it was a rather straight forward make! 

What I would say is that, my choice of fabric gave the final garment a very different drape from the original. Although all the measurements were the same, it had more of a cowl effect, than loose drape. I also felt it would overwhelm the dress, if it was as long in length as the original - so I used artistic license, and shortened it. It was a warm, dry, evening - and thankfully no cover up was needed - but for walking in, I think it did the job! What I'll defo use again, is the no-fastening approach to making a wrap - by simply making a hole, for the other end to feed through:

Here's a pic of Mum in the back garden, before we made our way to the ceremony:

I think Mum looks beautiful - of-course, she looked fab without the shawl, so here's one of my FAVOURITE photos EVER, showing her dress without...

I can't say enough about how beautiful, and well-organised, the whole arusi was - everything from the sofreh aghd, to the Persian DJ (who sometimes sang, or rapped along to his own tracks!), to the food laid out... but most of all, the people who made it the joyful event that it was. The evening had an incredible, magical, energy, that I'll never forget. I'm going to add some professional photos now, just so you get more of a feel for the whole affair... 


I feel so lucky to be part of Martin's family - and to receive such a wonderful gift, in the form of a Persian ceremony.

Much love, until next time,



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