That Zara Dress...

Do you have That Dress - and I'm talking specifically about That Zara Dress that is everywhere at the moment? If so, I have a proposition for you... in the name of sustainable fashion.

So here's the thing, as with anything that's incredibly popular (whether it's the George Foreman Grill, fingerless gloves back in the 90s... or bumbags) - what's inevitable is the aftermath, the lull, and the drop off at the charity shop (I'm not going to let myself imagine that anyone bins things any more!).

My feeling is that 'The Dress' will eventually end up in every charity shop up and down the country, whether it's this year or next year - as people grow weary of being associated with #thatdress in the #SummerOf2019. I'm not saying the dress won't last as a garment - I'm saying the love for it may not. No judgement, just my personal feeling. 

So here's my proposition - if you start to lose the love for yours, instead of donating it, why not message me, and see what I can make with it?

Here's my promise:
- to use as much of the original material as possible, 
- to make something that either the you - the owner - or someone else, will love,
- to blog the 'After' photo, and also the 'How To', so that anyone can do the same DIY with theirs.

I am offering my services free of charge, to stop as many of those Zara dresses as possible from entering landfill, to give The Dress a second/prolonged life, and to transform a garment that could otherwise end up being the very definition of fast fashion. Got that dress? When you're ready, message me, let's do this! AND - if you create something out of it yourself, let me know so I can share your efforts with everyone, here! How about we call it #thatdressreborn ❤

And, if I can ask a favour? 
Please spread the word...
Wouldn't it be amazing if this concept ended up going just as viral as the dress? 

Much love x



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