My 12 Days of Thriftmas - Day 1 - Christmas Decorations!

Presenting... 'Gema's 12 Days of Thriftmas'!
I'm SO excited to share this labour of love with you... For the past couple of months I've really wanted to post details from the shoot, and couldn't before it was all ready to go - but now I can! There’s more info to come on the makes, and other related crafty bits… FIRST… Here's the video, which explains it all...

So, now you’ve seen that, you know; my feeling is that, instead of spending time worrying about how to celebrate Christmas with decorations that are ethically sound, or sustainably sourced – we can make our own! That way we know for sure where everything comes from, they look beautifully handmade, and it’s all biodegradable… so when the season's over, it's ready for composting, or maybe even for feeding to the birds!

For more info, on the bits that ended up on the cutting room floor in the edit – and also some added extras – check out my Christmas Decorations post here!


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