My 12 Days of Thriftmas!

Making Christmas Special... Without Costing the Earth...

Every Christmas it’s the same thing, I spend hours worrying about what to get for the people I love… how to choose gifts that are thoughtful, last longer than the time they take to wrap, and are also kind to the earth... and I don't think I'm alone, thinking that way. The more we know about sustainability and waste, the more challenging Christmas gets. 

  So I came up with my YouTube series, Gema's 12 Days of Thriftmas - I've been filming it for the past couple of months, and it's coming out over the next few weeks! Over the course of 12 episodes, I'll be sharing ideas for beautiful gifts and treats you can make, that don't break the bank - including a few ideas for gorgeous Christmas decorations you can make to be proud of.

  It was so much fun to make - and much as I would love to share a few shots from the shoot, that would ruin the surprise of what's to come..! So, instead, here's a pic of me and Rod in the middle of filming... he kind of steals the show. As usual. :)

Watch this space, and/or subscribe to my YouTube Channel to watch it, as and when it arrives... the 1st of the 12 Days... is coming soon!

Big Warm Christmassy Hugs x

p.s. If you didn't see the promo, here it is:


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