My 12 Days of Thriftmas, Day 9 - How to Make a Pajaki!

As you know, I’m half Spanish - and there are plenty of ways to honour that, like staying up til four in the morning, and drinking a lot of good red wine. No, seriously - just popping a grape in your mouth every second, as the big hand strikes twelve at midnight on New Years Eve, is a tradition in itself - it might sound bonkers, but hey, it’s what lots of Spaniards will be doing, so don’t scoff. Or do… Recently I've been seeking out other traditions, and came across the Polish pajaki - a decoration associated with Catholic celebrations that dates back to the 1800's... here's a brief DIY on how to get started!

I'll be doing a longer, more detailed, blog post in the New Year, with all sorts of diagrams, photos, and tips on how to make yours...
If you've already made one, or you're going to get started straight away - let me know, I'd love to see your efforts!

Warm Christmassy Hugs,
Gema x

p.s. Check out all my crafty Christmas makes, with the whole series nearly out... Gema's 12 Days of Thriftmas, now on my YouTube channel :)


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