My 12 Days of Thriftmas - DAY 4 - Rose Perfume DIY

Don't you just love the smell of roses..? I do!
So much so, that making a rose fragrance HAD to be part of my 12 Days of Thriftmas! I needed to know how to make my own ☺️ I hope you enjoy the video...

So, why a rose spray..? Probably better you read it somewhere else, than from me! I'm a complete convert... here are a few that are on the high street, this article also states their redeeming qualities. They smell amazing, feel wonderful on the face, and also work wonders with all sorts of skin conditions... what's not to love?

Now, everything you'll need to make your own is quite straight forward - the main things are a pan, a rose (or two), water... and something to decanter your potion into, like an old perfume bottle. An important thing to remember with this one, is - if your rose doesn't smell when it's on the bush, it won't when it's in a bottle. It might seem obvious, but use a flower that has scent! If your rose bush is a little lacking in that area (!) you could always add a few drops of essential oil, when the water has cooled - just before you decant the perfume into a bottle. Here's a link to a geranium rose oil I've used before, on Amazon, and also the 'vintage perfume bottle' shown briefly in the video, which I think is perfect for this spray.

This should last a few months - I've read that you can make it last longer by adding some alcohol to the mix, but I haven't tried that, so I can't really comment. What I will say is, if the person you're giving it to loves it as much as I do, as a refreshing facial spritz, as a post-cleanse toner, or even as a pillow spray, it won't last long enough to worry about shelf life! They'll be coming back to you with an empty bottle, and asking for a top up... Unless you make it, and keep it for yourself  😉

Remember, it's a combination of alcohol and preservatives that keeps shop versions 'fresh', so it might be an idea (if you're making your own, using homegrown roses) to also write a gift tag, that says the following; 'Natural, organic, preservative and alcohol-free, just full of... LOVE'. Is that going too far?

Let me know how you get on... and I'll see you soon, with the next in my 12 Days of Thriftmas!

Big Christmassy Hugs x
Gema, and Rod x


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