Sequins Are A Girl's Best Friend!

A sparkly little something to lift those drab shoes...

And the Blog Soundtrack for this post..? Well it HAS to be something about sparklers, doesn't it?! OK... here's Nicole Kidman's version of Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend from Moulin Rouge... just to put you into the 'dazzle 'em' mood! ;)

So, what have I picked and why..?

Well... satin and patent leather shoes are a right pain in the ass when they lose their lustre and/or original 'shine'. You're almost better off chucking out a pair of scuffed satin or patent shoes (if they won't clean up with a brush & mild detergent), because - in my opinion - it completely defeats the object of wearing them, if they look dreary and old (unlike canvas pumps, for example, which can look more cool and lived in, the older they get).

Cleaning or buffing them up isn't always an option... so what if you LOVE the shoes, they hold a special memory for you, or they cost a PACKET, and you can't bear the thought of parting with them? Well... you could always 'upgrade'. I could've said 'customise', but it's far more than that! By taking some really easy steps, not only are you left with a sparklier version, but you've also got a new look that isn't that different from the original pair! AND, no need to wear them in - they're ALREADY worn in. By you. (or someone else, if you're applying this technique to a pair of shoes you rescued from a charity shop, and why not? Unless they smell like bowling shoes at kick out time, when the lanes are JUST closing, in which case, let them walk themselves home. I digress.).

Let's start with the 'Before' shots!

You see how the heel is scuffed, and there are random marks on the toes..? Maybe it's not so obvious to you, but I assure you those marks ARE there!

Starting with the red satin pair, I worked slowly up from the bottom of the heel with some craft glue, adding one sequin at a time... The glue dries clear, so there's no need to worry about the backdrop looking all gummy! I decided I'd make it look like a lightening flash, but really you could just do one block colour... or leave it coming out as a crazy mosaic, using various colours... Hey, they're YOUR shoes, dagnammit - you can do whatever you like with the design!

I'd like to point out at this stage, that there are SO many things you could stick to your heel (other than doggy do, obviously) which will improve the shoes' appearance.

I tinkered with the idea of sticking small buttons all over the shoe itself, to make them fit for a Pearly Queen... I even thought about cutting a contrast colour blue lace, to place right over the entire patent shoe... you have to ask yourself; "Will I ever wear these again the way they are?". If the answer is honestly "NO!", then really, what have you got to lose by experimenting..?

Also, when it comes to the 'elements' themselves (posh term for small bits), you've got an ENORMOUS choice if you go looking in craft shops (or online). In fact, the pre-glued version that come on a card (see pic) are a great alternative; although, I would say (in my experience) that using glue on non pre-sticky sequins last that little bit longer...

With the black pair, I followed the original stitching of the shoe with an iridescent sequin... Now in this particular case, it doesn't hide all the scuffs, BUT who'll be looking at the scuff when there's all that 'bling' to pull the eye?! While you're at it, why not use some cheap red nail varnish and paint the entire sole? There are some designers out there who may know you're faking it... but really, who cares?! :D

I always love to hear your comments and or/suggestions; and if you've got any questions please ask! I'll be back soon, with another one of my summer challenges to share with you... :)


  1. I wonder what the word should be for a vagazzle for shoes should be? No doubt there is a word for it here in Essex..

  2. These are gorgeous! I think I'm going to have to borrow your ideas for some of my scuffed up shoes! Thanks!

    1. No, thank-you for replying - it meant I got to read about some of your refashionings on your blog, very imspirational!! Thank-you x


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