The Shirt That Was...

Remember that shirt I entered into my Summer Challenge... the blouse with the small bird print..? The one that bored me silly, the safe option that was so 'normal' I only wore it the once..? Well that has changed. Only subtly - but it has changed...

*Oh - the Blog Soundtrack for this post..? Probably a long overdue track... an ode to the benefits of thrift shops, what else?! Again, if you have the option of listening to it while you read this post (in another window) have it playing in the background for the full experience... or ignore it, and carry on as you were. ;)

Sew! Here are the details...

I realised I wanted to work with the fabric (like!) and the drape-y quality of the fabric (like!) - but make it a bit more 'me', so I'd wear it again; which, in short, meant removing the long sleeves to replace with puff sleeves, taking in some of the excess fabric to make it more fitted, and adding cute buttons...

When I removed the sleeves, I was left with a question... How would I achieve a puff sleeve, with the fabric I had from the earlier 'non-puff' sleeve? In other words, more fabric is needed for the 'puff' option... so I decided to take the sleeve only half way around the armhole (the top side), thereby creating more of a cap/puff sleeve effect... Funnily enough, you can't really see that - as the fabric's still quite 'billowy' (like my use of technical terms?); but the added benefit of this shape is that it's breathable. And it wasn't before (I can tell you, you're VERY aware of what's 'breathable' and what isn't when you're standing under studio lights...). So, prettier shape, and more comfortable too. Win win :) *smug face*

The buttons I ended up using just so happened to come free with the latest edition of Mollie Makes magazine. There were six to choose from, three pairs of different colours, and for some reason they just felt right - even though I have A LOT OF BUTTONS already in my possession, these just seemed to go...

What did I learn from this project..?

Firstly, I don't need to be as eager to keep all the work that was previously done on the hems and seams... I've been that preoccupied with the fact I don't own an overlocker (for making perfect, no-unravel hems), that I've tried to keep the original work, whenever possible. But the ultimate problem with not de-constructing the piece entirely is that it's harder to reconstruct afterwards, because certain bits are already joined together... does this make sense..?! I think the reason why this is starting to become more obvious to me, is because of the dress making patterns I've put together previously; I've learnt a bit about the right way to go about putting something together; and it now makes me look at 'refashionings' in a very different way...

I've also learned to trust my own judgement a little more... I mean, those BRIGHT buttons are not everyone's cup of tea; but are they meant to be? NO! I'm not trying to work out what works commercially, I'm trying to figure out what I love... and maybe even why I love it.

AND! Isn't it funny how, when you start to learn about something, it crops up unexpectedly everywhere..? Like a new word, or a movie you've discovered, it seems to just appear in random places... Or is it that you're just more aware of it when it does; so it was always there, but it's only now you're spotting it? Either way, there's a great blog that's all about refashioning - and now that I've found it, I'm hooked! See? The answers are there, if you go looking for them - even if the 'answers' are just raw inspiration...
And if you're a seamstress, or into your customised pieces and refashionings, please share them with me! Either leave a link in the Comments below - or drop me an e-mail, and we can chat about you appearing here on Sequins and Slippers, I love the idea of collaborating!


In other news, two exciting bits of info... Firstly this blog's getting a rebrand... VERY excited to see what the web designers are going to come up with, I've given quite a detailed brief - it'll be an amazing feeling, having this little place of my own looking just how I want it. Hopefully you'll like it too!

And the other bit of info will just have to wait for the next blog... it's not that I don't want to tell you, I just don't want to talk about it too soon, before it's concrete. But, if all goes to plan, there MAY just be a little bit of my creativity available to buy in a shop soon! A REAL SHOP! All will be revealed in the next blog - ta ta for now!


  1. The buttons are perfect! Never doubt your intuition in these matters, haha. Another great refashioning job. You know, I used to be more into this type of sewing when I was in high school...maybe I'll get back into it again one day. I hoarded a box of clothes just for refashioning AND a bag of wedding dresses. I remember in grade 12, one of the assignments was to make a garment out of a men's button up shirt. I made a skirt which I should post in my blog as a "throw-back project".

    I'm looking forward to you new blog happenings. How exciting!

    1. Thank-you Caroline :D

      And yes, I'd be fascinated to read about your refashionings; I'm intrigued to know what plans you had for the wedding dresses! The mind boggles... I used to have a dressing up box (only threw it away recently...); but I do love the idea of reinventing garments, I hope you'll share your Was-A-Man's-Shirt-Now-It's-A-Skirt in a blog post soon..... x

  2. Gema, I live in the US, suburb of Chicago, IL. Your refashion is beautiful. I agree with you, I hate those floppy sleeves. You did a great job with your first refashion.


    1. Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you took the time to comment, and glad you like it! Lovely to meet you, Gaillery


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