An Introduction to Refashioning... for A Different Kind Of Woman

You may recall, in my last post, I shared the fact a producer contacted me, to appear as the 'Craft/Fashion Expert' on a daytime TV show..? Well here's the footage... 

(I'll share the gossip with you right after!)

The premise was that I had fifteen minutes (give or take) to explain and demonstrate a crafty technique of my choosing. I asked if it would be OK to focus on customising clothing, to which they agreed. When you consider how fiddly crafting and sewing can be, how small the parts are, and the repercussions of that in front of a camera, I had a lot to consider... Of-course, I understand how these things work (in principle) - but I wanted the entire project to a) run smoothly, b) seem aspirational to the viewer and c) look achievable. You can determine whether or not I managed to meet my own targets! This is an idea I've been working on (and touted previously to a TV show) - so you'd think I'd be well-versed in how it would pan out... But that's the thing with live TV - you never quite know what's going to happen, what the presenter will ask, or how it will be shot - there's a lot that's out of your control, all you can do is prep well, and hope that it comes across. I'm always critical of myself, so I have reservations about my own presentation (and clothing!) - but I view it as an opportunity to grow, and change the things that don't work... I invite you to view it critically, from a TV point of view... No doubt you'll find lots of holes in it! :)
Also bear in mind, while you watch it, I have a gazillion things running through my head as I'm talking... would you like to know what? OK... here's what I was thinking...
How do I pitch this? Am I talking down to someone who knows full well what Bondaweb is, or do I spell out certain words, and take nothing for granted? Which camera is the close up? Am I talking too fast? Will we fit everything in, that I've prepped for, or shall I just skip to the most impressive bit - and spend a long time explaining how to do it..? Is talking about mood boards a little 'obvious'..? Do my arms look fat in this dress? And that's JUST the bits I'm open enough to share with you :)

By the by, I felt it went OK... I am quite a harsh critic on myself, but I also try to watch footage with a degree of separation, and ask myself "Would I enjoy watching this?" much in the same way, when I've written a blog post I ask myself "Would I enjoy reading this?" - because, when all's said and done, that's all there is to worry about. 
You may also notice I'm eager to push the point that anyone with an interest can do these things, and feel pleased with their efforts, without expecting unrealistic results...

I edited it down, so that all you see is the bit I'm in (!) - for the full hour-long show, click on this - but bear in mind you MAY have difficulty if you're trying to view it on your phone (I get in 'not in this country' message, as do a few of my friends with iPhones!)...

And as always, I'm eager to hear your thoughts - so let me know, leave a comment... I can take it! :)


If you're new to this blog, and want to check out another shoe refashioning - have a look at this! How about a dress refashioning..? OK - there's this skirt to dress, and this black and white dress... I'll leave it at that for now - click on the Makings tab at the top of this blog, and have a gander...


  1. Nothing to worry about there, you are at home in a studio and no your arms don't look too big..
    I'd never have thought about having to take bits off something in order to wash it, we blokes live in a simplified world..
    The shoe idea is a winner, the add ons, if cheap enough only have to last for one night out, then the shoes can be re-born again next time..

    1. Well if you don't have to 'take bits off to wash it', even better :) And yes, I'm all for getting another wear out of something in the wardrobe! Thanks for commenting, Brian :D

  2. Hi. I'm getting the same error message on iPad, it must not be available for mobile devices. Will have to watch when I get home.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Alice! :)


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