How To Make Your Own... Fruit Bowl!

This could be the easiest DIY on my blog... and honestly, it takes only MINUTES to do, and looks so effective, and personal. 

Here's the first in the Crafty Sew and Sew series, the premise, as I mentioned in my previous post last week, is to take something you already own, and make something NEW... the perfect refashioning gig for me! I loved recording the series, hopefully you'll enjoy watching it...and making your own!

And thank-you, again, for your support - for reading this blog, for commenting on posts and tweets, and being generally positive!

Gema x

p.s. If you'd like to see the rest in the series...
Episode 2; Convert a curtain into a perfumed pouch, for your drawers!
Episode 3; Refashion an old fleece into a hand warmer (or dog comforter!)
Episode 4; Turn an old white sheet into a domino cushion cover
Episode 5; Change an old duvet into a decorative wall hanging
Episode 6; Rework an old hardback book into a secret compartment...


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