STOP! And smell the roses...

Since starting Sequins and Slippers, I've experienced lots of crafty developments, career-wise...

Not Rod - a chubby-chinned pretender

Within the first year of blogging I'd been taken on as a tutor for , and as a guest blogger for the Refashion Coop, a wonderful resource for seamstresses wanting to learn more about getting the most out of their wardrobes. More recently I've appeared on A Different Kind of Woman as the refashioning expert, and a month ago I even spoke on the radio, on the benefits of living a greener lifestyle! (currently working on getting the recording of that, so I can cringe at my own 'words of wisdom'!)... 
All of these things have honestly been a lovely surprise to me, as I'm used to really having to push to make things change and grow (if you don't do that in the media. nothing will happen!) - but all the above developments have come to me... which is quite astounding...

I'd like to, at this point, make clear that I started this blog due to a love of making. And that's just as well, as it's still not a profitable endeavour (!) - but I sincerely feel it gives me SO much more than any obvious financial profit. Imagine, if you will, taking tennis lessons every weekend throughout the summer, and Roger Federer walks past your court one day and comments on how well you hit a ball... well that's how I feel when I get lovely feedback from other crafters, seamstresses, and aficionados, both on here, and on the Refashion Co-op site. I spent SO much of my earlier life looking at garments as if they were 'born' that way, that now that I finally have a hands-on understanding for what actually goes into making something, I am much more appreciative. 
"Yellow cardigans always improve my volley..."

And whilst this may seem obvious, all those self-help books (yes, I have read a few...) say the same thing - and seem to have a point - doing something you love in life does pay dividends. Maybe not in the material sense (although that would be lovely too, she says, looking up to the stars..) - but it definitely pays to do what you love.

And that's basically it for today - a short post I've been meaning to write for a while, about really listening to yourself, what you love, and who you truly are, and letting that dictate at least a small part of how you live your life... I realise I may have said this before, in a slightly different way, but making decisions at school in the very early part of your life about how the REST of your life will play out, is strange when you really think about it... I mean, it would take an incredibly mature, self aware teenager to understand their own talents and 'loves' enough to know they'd still want the same things at thirty... or forty... or even into retirement age. I think it's incredibly important to take breaks out of real life, away from the commute, the direct debits, the responsibilities of living from day to day, to ask yourself what it is that makes your heart sing. And to be ready for that to change with age, and experience. And whilst doing EXACTLY what you love, ALL the time, isn't realistic for most people (given family & financial responsibilities), I heartily recommend doing at least something you love, a small amount of the time, otherwise... what's the point?

And sew, let me say, I am extremely thankful for Sequins and Slippers, and all that it gives me!

Speaking of which, it seems like the perfect time to share some good news... last week I spent two days filming an eight-part series for Videojug!
*Sneaky peak of one of my Videojug projects

If you've not heard of them before, they're an online platform for learning techniques, on anything from cooking, to home decor, to hair & make-up... and, very soon, I'll be their official Home Refashioning Expert! I won't say too much at this point, apart from the fact they are a great company to work with; professional, vibrant, and eager to produce good content. The premise for my series is that you take something in the home you already own, to produce something completely different; right up my street! You'll be the first to hear when the first video is released...

So until that happens, I have a LONG list of refashioning projects to finish, and only a short time left for them to be relevant... in other words, I won't be photographing/posting summer projects in the autumn drizzle! And at the end of this month it gets busy... starting with my birthday, then it's my Mum's, my sister's, my Nan's and then, finally, my brother's... all in the space of a month! So maybe there's also room in that time period to make & share a few gifts, fingers crossed! 

Wishing you a productive and happy week life,
Speak soon,
Gema x


  1. I agree with every word! I'm often amazed how so many people work at a job they hate. Everyone has the power to do something they love doing, I don't subscribe to the fact that they can't. It's easy & I can prove it! We all should be able to unwind & do something we are passionate about even if we don't want to profit. It's important to take a break from every day routines & have fun with what you love doing best. It's what re-energizes us. Great post, Gem & congratulations on your recent successes, long may they contniue!

    1. You speak like a person who is living the good life Mark :) I recognise that, for some people, this could be a sickening post to read... after all, there are some who are full-time carers for a family member, or who DID know what they wanted in life, but got sick themselves... I try to be sensitive to that, and aware of barriers, when I talk about 'reaching for the stars' - but on the whole, I do believe that being fulfilled (even if only by hobbies) is extremely important - as it gives you the energy to tackle the other less-pleasant responsibilities we have to face in life.
      THANK-YOU for commenting Mark, and for your good wishes - the same to you!

    2. You make a very good point but that need not stop people with the power of the internet these days. It is possible to make a full time income from your hobbies by spending just an hour a day on it. I don't want to make this some kind of advertisement but with a little bit of imagination & research it will become apparent it is possible to make a reasonable income.


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