Easy DIY - Make Your Own Pretty Perfumed Pouch!

Here is the second in my DIY Refashioning Series series, specifically about transforming everyday items around the home, into beautiful gifts and keepsakes... this time, the curtain gets it!

If you've ever wanted to make something for the man - or woman - in your life, who has everything, they're sure to love the time and effort you put into making this, just for them! Their 'sweet-smelling-smalls' will make them think of you!


 Remember it doesn't HAVE to be an old curtain, you can make it with any scraps you've got hanging around, it's a great stash buster..!


  1. Like the production values, very professional, are they something you could sell, red tape withstanding of course.

    1. Yes, I think they could be 'sell-able'... I wonder if there's a market for them... I like them tho, so I'll just keep on sticking them in my drawers! :)


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