My 12 Days of Thriftmas - Day 6 - Make Your Own Bath Bombs!

Why ON EARTH would you make bath bombs, when you can easily buy them on the high street..? Well... they smell AMAZING, people will think you're amazing for making them, and you'll feel great about your earth-saving-crafty-gifting-skills. Here's the video, more details to follow!

So let's repeat the formula... (*I've taken the liberty of adding hyperlinks to all the following bits and pieces, they're Amazon affiliate links which will take you straight to the kit I used);
  • One 'amount' (like a cup) of baking soda, then half that amount of each of the following - citric acid, Epsom salts, and corn flour - all well mixed together. Then add in the wet ingredients... 
  • a tablespoon of coconut oil, and a tablespoon of water... and then add in the 'extras' 
  • a teaspoon or two of essential oils, and a few drops of colouring*. (*gel food colouring works best in these bombs, in my experience - the colour has a stronger potency, and the mix turns out better) Finally you'll need something for the molding process, like... 
  • some silicon molds, or meat tongs!
A couple of points to mention then, if your baking soda is a bit hard, or clumpy, you could always put it through a sieve into the bowl, before mixing in the other ingredients. You might have the kind of coconut oil that's hard at room temperature - in which case just stick it in the microwave for 10 second intervals, until it's a liquid. ALSO - these bath bombs will smell naturally of lemon, owing to the citric acid, so feel free to leave the essential oil out, if you want to make them as 'natural' as possible. 

What I forgot to mention in the video is that you might want to wear plastic gloves when you're making these bombs - but I found my hands were super soft afterwards, which was an added bonus! I bought the silicon molds from someone on Facebook, who was having a massive clear-out - so I was quite happy about that! Skimping on the molds is definitely one way to make this more thrifty - BUT - I wouldn't recommend skimping on the quality of the main ingredients. You'll notice I've used organic, fair trade, or food safe, products, wherever possible - these choices definitely affect the quality of the bombs. I really do feel that it's worth taking the time to make bath bombs with the best ingredients. I've also heard that you should be careful when using essential oils on children, so better to keep these as gifts for teens, and adults - or leave out the oils completely when making them for (or with) the kids.

Do let me know how you get on with these - and check out my social media posts, on my Instagram and Facebook - as I'll shortly be announcing a crafty giveaway, closing this Friday...

And I'll see you back here for the next one in my 12 Days of Thriftmas SOON!!

Big Christmassy Hugs x
Gema x


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