My 12 Days of Thriftmas - Day 10, How to Make Origami Pouches..!

Gift wrap has received some bad press of late... so I won't repeat it all, by going on about the earth's resources, or waste here, I’ll just state the obvious which is, giving a present in a paper pouch that needs no sellotape, and can be re-gifted, or re-used, is amazing. 

I found some great tutorials on how to make origami boxes - and this is a simple open-ended one I'm sharing with you... Honestly, once you get the gist of this, you’ll be hooked!

You can see I used an A4 piece of paper for this demo - the smaller the paper, the stronger the hold. Obviously, the bigger it gets, the less strength it has. It does also depend on what sort of thing you're expecting it to hold; e.g. tea leaves will be fine, bath bombs could be a challenge, depending on their size. 

Remember, the potential for using paper that's already somewhere in the house, is huge! You might have left-over wall paper in the loft, or a stack of old fashion magazines under the stairs... you might even want to reuse packing paper you've received in the post - that brown paper has some strength, so it could be perfect for this technique.

And if the proportions seem a bit hazy in this DIY video, it's because I'm confident you'll work it out, while you're doing it, depending on the size of paper you're using... :)

Hope you're enjoying Christmas, we're nearly at the end of my 12 Days of Thriftmas...! Speak soon, big Christmassy hugs,

Gema x


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