How the devil are you?! I've been a little bit absent of late for various reasons, but I'm determined to focus more on what makes me, and my loved ones, happy, as this year is just hurtling by... :)
There's no denying it, in the face of 'global political unrest', the likes of which I've never seen before in my lifetime, it's easy to get swept up in the pessimism - there HAS to be enjoyment woven into the fabric of our day to day existence, otherwise what is the point of living life..??

That's how I'm going to seamlessly segue-way into the subject of my engagement, soon-to-be-wedding-day! So, in the midst of planning for The Wedding (or, if I'm being exact, weddings, and that's a story for another post) - I'm going to try to weave in opportunities for Making, and some of those things may well be wedding-related (remember the cake topper I made for a friend's wedding, or the bunting I made for another?) - it all depends upon how much time I have left, as this is a particularly busy time of year for me, work-wise.

What should today's blogpost soundtrack be..? You'd think the David Bowie classic, given the title of this post - but I'm going to go with something a bit more frivolous... Back in the day, when two little-known stars got together to collaborate, and made a music video about a travelling group of conmen... Say, say, say! Love. It.

Aside from getting back to my sewing projects for Minerva Crafts (who have been VERY patient with me!), and also catching up with various reviews I've been writing in the background, I decided it would be a good idea to start by laying out my stall again, to display my wares, as I did four years ago. By sharing pics with you of the refashioning projects I intend to take on, hopefully it will have the added benefit of serving as a statement I can't renege on!! It's not that I don't trust myself, but I always find that sharing goals makes them more...pressing. 

So here are some before shots, of garments that I will be transforming into wearable pieces...... *drum roll*.
Starting the line-up, this dress was originally my late Aunty Kay's dress, she was a very glamorous lady. Aunty Kay gave it to my Mum, and now it's been passed on to me...

The reason for the funny look on my face? Much as it's a beautiful Laura Ashley dress, the main issue I have is that I pop out of the front, if I lean too far forward... not good. Especially when I think about wearing it for the work I do in schools, it needs to be 'modified' before I can chance that!

Moving on to...

Again, the reason for refashioning this little number may not be immediately obvious, but it's very baggy, and shapeless (too large all over really) - but the added worry is the length... Even if I make it fit better, I may have to look into creative ways to add length, seeing as I'm not a fan of my knees! 
Also, you may have noticed I have a clicker in my hand? My new way of taking photos - is ME taking photos, hopefully that will mean more productivity (as it's always hard coordinating with a photographer, from a time point of view).


WHAT? NO BLACK? Yes, a blue silk kimono! I have NO idea why I picked this up... I would never wear it, as is, but something about the material drew me in. I have had it in my stash for YEARS - time is now UP, changes are afoot!

And then there's this...

I know, I'm just getting silly now, right? I mean, am I even taking this challenge seriously?? Again, I like the colours & material - but the design of the jumpsuit? Not so much... Or rather, it's all a bit too much.


I was going for 'Woman in Navy Blue' (like Woman in Black, but not quite as scary). There's something about lace overlay I'm drawn to, and I really loved working with my black lace dress - so hopefully I'll get something really wearable out of this too!


Speaking of wearable, or rather, un-wearable, this knit jumper does strange things when I'm not looking... the zip has a mind of it's own, but I don't want to chuck it out - so... let's see what comes of it! And finally...

This silver dress has a lot of potential... I mean it's perfect if you're an out-of-work-performer, who wanders around flower markets on the weekend, with a big poodle, and artist friends, wine glass in hand, sporting a jaunty peacock feather in your hair. I'm not that person... but there's still something about it.

SO - there you have it then, a list of goodies waiting to be worked on.

Aside from that? Tomorrow night I'll be giving a short talk and demonstration in Ealing, on behalf of the West London Waste Authority, on the benefits of refashioning. The event itself is a swish - and free to attend - hopefully it'll give people a friendly nudge into trying out more 'green' fashion choices for themselves. We'll see! If you're in the area, pop along! Here are the details... or check out my Facebook page for more info, here! It's always a fun night, last time there was also a giveaway (I wrote about it here) - this time I want to do something 'LIVE', as in, make something on the spot... whilst also making refashioning come across as being very accessible (like, entry-level). I'm still umming-and-ahhing over what the exact content will be, but whatever happens I'll try to get less nervous than I normally do!

TO FINISH . . . 

Here's a sneak peek of something I'm currently working on for The Wedding (the one in Liverpool, not the one in London. Sorry to be less clear, I'll definitely expand in my next post!);

Ooh... what could it be for?!

Speak soon! Take care of yourself x

Gema x


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